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I thought @eevee was putting me on. And now you think I’m putting you on. But I’m not.

But it’s not like anyone would ever notice - no-one is blocking javascript on php.net after the malicious javascript incident! You know, the one we’ve been waiting for the full postmortem on since October? In all seriousness, if they cannot determine the root cause of the breach, they should say so for the record: it happens. It means whatever went wrong could probably go wrong again, but, it happens. From my point of view, their incident response kind of fell apart for a while due to confusion; I hope they have regrouped and learned from the experience so that it goes smoother next time. I’m not being snarky. Incident response is hard.

I’d laugh and cry myself to death, though, if this was them getting hacked again but apparently it’s just someone with commit access being cutesy.

¡3 años desde que creé este blog en tumblr!

¡3 años desde que creé este blog en tumblr!

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Phoenix Wright x MLP


Buy somethin’ will ya!




Mmm mmm mmmh







Primer dibujo en … 9-10 meses o así ;_;


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Ea, nuevo blog

Aunque va a ser el alternativo al bueno, que es este:


Este blog en cambio lo voy a dejar como microblog para postear imagenes o cosas random no-sense